50 Reasons to Abolish The Cops!

With so much vicious police brutality today I thought I would jot down some reasons why I think we would be better off without the cops.

Some people believe cops are necessary. They think they serve and protect the people and most cops are good aside from a few bad apples. Many think cops are a necessary evil and are convinced that if there were no cops there would be chaos. With nearly everything being illegal today and militarized cops abusing, brutalizing, electrocuting, imprisoning, shooting or killing all those who do not comply with hundreds of thousands if not millions of laws, that is what I call chaos.

1. COPS ARE ABOVE THE LAW People say that some cops think they are above the law. This is not true. All cops know they are above the law. When you see brutality by the cops ask yourself what would happen if someone without a badge did the same crime. You will see that hardly and punishment or costs are ever brought against a cop. They know there is next to no punishment for them and with their buddies always ready to cover for them they literally get away with theft, vicious assaults, torture and murder. Then it is the people who are forced to pay the cop’s victim’s restitution.

2. COPS CAN KIDNAP THEIR VICTIMS They beat, tazer, spray chemicals on and then arrest their victims. Then they charge them with disorderly conduct, disobeying a lawful order or the mysteriously lone charge of resisting arrest without violence. Catch all charges for anyone who disobeys their barking orders. Arrest is a punishment and the cops use it as such. They are the judge, jury and executioner. If someone does not bow down to them immediately they quickly threaten them with arrest.


Arrest is violence against you and as you will see there is no “innocent until proven guilty”. Lets take a closer look at this punishment. Let’s say you do not comply with a cop’s demands to show your ID. He arrests and charges you with disobeying a lawful order. Without resisting you get physically manhandled, chained and pushed into a cage in the back of a car. If you did this to someone, you would be guilty of kidnapping.   You arrive at their building of cages with indented and bruised wrists because they made you sit on your chained hands in their cramped carcage. Then you are fingerprinted photographed and given a permanent criminal record.  Once they have finished branding you, you are then put in another cage with other victims and real violent criminals. If they offer you bond but cannot afford their extortion demands or they do not even offer you a fee for your freedom, they again chain you up, take you to a private room where you are humiliated, stripped naked, felt up, and forced to spread your butt cheeks while a gloved cop searches your every orifice (this is considered molestation if not rape in nearly every country in the world). Then they watch you shower, spray you with delousing chemicals and put you in a huge glass cage of smaller cages with hundreds of violent criminals from the streets and career criminals from prisons all over the country where 1 in 20 inmates are raped. This is where you will stay until you can pay their fee to be released. And this is just the local jail. You have not even been found guilty of anything yet. If the charges against you are dropped, which most are, and you are released, nothing is ever done to the bullies with the badges that harassed, abused, kidnapped, caged, molested and forced you to live among rapists and other violent criminals. And, you now have a criminal record that costs a fortune to expunge. If you resist this attack, they will beat or torture you with electrocution; if you defend yourself they will hospitalize you, and if you defend yourself with a gun, they will shoot you down and murder you.

3. COPS ARE MILITARIZED Flat tops, sunglasses, body armor, hand guns, shot guns, rifles, pepper spray, tazers and tanks. Cops are more worried about how to get the next weapon against us then they are about protecting anyone.  They refer to us as “civilians” as if we are in a war zone.

4. WE ARE THEIR ENEMIES Cops are trained to treat all people as a threat. In their eyes that makes us their enemy.

5. COPS DO NOT KEEP US SAFE This myth gives people a false sense of security. They not only cannot protect you they have no obligation to. See Warren vs DC.

6. COP’S JOBS ARE TO HARASS AND TAX THE PEOPLE They drive around and hide all day pulling people over and collecting money needed to support the government that pays them. The people they tax in this manner have hurt no one. It does not serve public safety to keep drivers controlled and in fear. They are revenue generators. They chase people down with their guns and demand money.

7. COPS DO NOT PREVENT CRIME People think we need cops to keep gangs from taking over. If that were true then we would not have constantly increasing gang memberships, 50,000 a year over the last decade. The cops are really nothing more than a street gang with badges. Creating a violent street gang to deal with street gangs obviously doesn’t work.

(This is a work in progress. I am currently headlining and touching up each paragraph and will eventually add links to sources, articles and videos. Please read on. Any feedback is appreciated)

8. The costs. I would like to add it all up but the fact that every penny used to pay their salaries to their well stocked cruisers and armored vehicles is collected by the use of violence. I am sure the price tag is outrageous, especially when you consider the ridiculous pensions they get to do nothing. But the fact that this money is stolen to begin with defeats their intended purpose. How can they be expected to protect your property from theft if they have to steal your property to do it?

9. Cops cannot prevent crime nor protect anyone. They show up after a crime has been committed. They do not leap from closets during home invasions to protect homeowners or show up out of nowhere to prevent a rape. And the fact that these crimes continue to occur proves the cops are not even a deterrent to violent crime.

10. Cops do not “put their lives on the line everyday”. They actually have one of the safest jobs. Farmers, linemen, fishermen put their lives on the line everyday. It is extremely rare for a cop to get killed by felonious assaults. Most die in car accidents and many of these deaths are the fault of the cop.

11. Cops operate the same as street gangs or the mafia with their blue codes of silence, cover ups, corruption, intimidation, threats, violence, kidnapping, constant abuse and fear. How can we expect to ever be free when we are constantly in fear?

12. Cops are worse than street gangs or the mafia as they have prosecutors and judges to back them up and juries are routinely and easily manipulated into siding with cops who they already preconceive  as heroes, especially since 9/11.

13. There are no good cops. It is not just a few bad apples. Power corrupts and that is just a fact. Those who crave power over others gravitate towards being a cop. Every bully, control freak and abusive sociopath applies to be a cop. The fact that they cover up each other’s crimes makes them all bad. Just because a cop is nice does not make him good. Mafia members are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, until you don’t do what they tell you to do.

14. Cops have tortured 6 year old girls to 90 year old great grandmothers electrocuting them with tazers.  Five hundred plus people have been killed with tasers since cops have been torturing people into compliance/submission with them. We were sold that tasers would be used in lieu of deadly force. Instead,  they are used on anyone who disagrees with a cop’s actions or disobeys their barking orders. They use them to scare the people into compliance. People do not respect the cops they fear them. They bow down to their authority regardless of how wrong the cop is. Every time a cop experiences this kind of “respect” it strokes their ego and feeds their narcissism.

15. Google:

Police brutality – 2,330,000

Police brutality video – 1,170,000

Sure there are repeats etc. but with numbers that high you have to ask what is really going on here.

16. Cops lie and they freely admit they lie. They trick people into appreciating harassment and fines. “I’m going to give you a break,” has got to be their most popular lie. They appear to be the good guy while their victim drives off appreciating the undeserved tax slip they have been given. It is laughable and very sad at the same time.

17. Cops and prosecutors steal innocent people’s money through asset forfeiture and many cops keep what they have seized, like Marijuana.

18. When cops commit a crime, they get paid vacations. We commit a crime we get beaten, tazered, chained, kidnapped and dragged off to a cage where 1 in 20 prisoners are raped and where drugs, assaults and murder are common.

19. Cops are not heroes. This is a myth. Sure there have been cops that have done heroic things. Give someone a gun, car, free fuel, badge and a nice salary to drive around all day and respond to calls for help and if they do not bump into a situation where they could be praised then there is something seriously wrong with them. If having cops worked all we would ever here about is their acts of heroism and it would be many times a day. The truth is that it is very rare and the news and the Internet are overwhelmingly littered with incidents of police abuse, misconduct, brutality and corruption.

20. Good cops? Even the few times cops have done something good, does that make them good? Criminals that do something heroic are never forgiven. In fact, cops have been known to threaten anyone else that tries to help someone with arrest as if they are not qualified to come to the aid of another human being in distress.

21. Cops have the highest rates of domestic violence, divorce, alcoholism, child abuse, drug use, suicide and murder suicide.  Not a good idea to give people like this guns and badges.

22. When someone is given the authority to harass, steal money (fines/tax), abuse and brutalize people there is no avoiding corruption of power. You see it over and over again. Someone is hurt or killed by a cop or cops and the cop always go free. And if you did what they did, you would be in a cage. The worse thing is that cops are actually encouraged to hurt the people with the reward of paid administrative leave.  That’s right.  They get a paid vacation every time they commit a violent crime against their victim.

23. Every time a cop hurts someone and they get a paid vacation, their fellow gangsters with badges circle the wagons and come to their defense. “He followed procedures.” No matter how bad they have hurt someone or even killed an unarmed person,  their chief/sheriff stand behind them and their “procedures.”

24. Cops do not think for themselves. They take orders.  Plead with a cop to do what is right and all you will hear i”I have no choice.” or “Tell it to the judge.” Their mentality is to lock up anyone they can and let the system sort it out.

25. Cops do not know anything about the Constitution. Ask any cop to recite the Bill of Rights.  This is a document they swore to defend, a document that requires them to protect your rights, especially from the government violating the Constitution.

26. Cops have kicked in the doors of nonviolent offenders in the middle of the night, killing family dogs. They have invaded the wrong homes and killed children while they slept. This one alone is enough reason to abolish the cops.

27. Middle of the night military style raids are now as common as beat downs. Most of them are for nonviolent offenders (people in possession of “the wrong type” of vegetation) and initiated by confidential and anonymous tips that almost never verified.

28. Cops kill their own K9s leaving them to die in their cars. Some starve to death while most dehydrate and bake to over 100 degrees and nothing is ever done to the cop. If you did this to your dog, those same cops would gladly beat you down and throw you into a cage.

29. “I feared for my life!” Cops shoot unarmed people and claim they were in fear for their lives. Some victims have been shot over 100 times. Cops are taught to say this phrase if they ever have to shoot someone. It is the “get out of jail free” statement.

30. Drive away and get shot. Cops have found another way to slaughter people. Some people have driven away from the cops and ended up getting shot at. “He tried to run me over” is the new excuse to kill. Even if the cop is well clear of the car they will use this excuse but their favorite tactic is to stand right in front of suspects’ cars ready to jump out of the way while hoping the person driving will touch the gas pedal just once so they can open fire.

31. Cops terrorize people in their homes to get them to give up their rights. “Knock and talks” as they are sometimes called quickly turn into threats of violence when the cops do not get their way. Pounding on windows and doors and threatening to steal property and/or arrest people to get information is common.

32. Cops lie but you can’t. If you do, they will lock you up. If they lie and get you to give up your rights,  they get a pat on the back by their superiors.

33. Bullies become cops, not the bullied. It is those who crave power over others that are drawn to positions of power and more so to positions of violent power. It is the bullied that lash out violently. It is the subjugated that load up and carry out school shootings and fly their planes into government buildings. It is the bullies that drive them to it. If you raise a society with violence and fear, you create a violent society. Those who do not stand their ground are broken and bow down to any cops’ orders no matter how wrong they are. These same broken willed people will warn others that they too must “respect” and comply as if it is the right thing to do.

34. Cops are trained to treat us like we are all dangerous. They are even told that they must treat elderly women in wheelchairs as if they have a gun and want to kill them. This makes us all enemies to them. To automatically be treated like this is to be demeaned and abused verbally which in many cases leads to provoking people into defending themselves and then the cops to treat this reaction as an attack. It is the people who lose every time. They must either take the abuse or be chained and caged, beaten, electrocuted or shot.

35. 1 in 10 white men will be incarcerated. And it is 1 in 4 if you are black. Our prisons are overflowing with the majority being nonviolent possessors of vegetation the government says we are not allowed to touch. 1 in 20 inmates are raped and all inmates are raped the day they check in with degrading and humiliating cavity searches. We are the number one prison nation in the world with China a distant second. So either Americans are the lowest form of life or we have the worst injustice system.

36. Cops arrest anyone for anything and then courts throw the book at all of them. Yet, violent criminals are released while the nonviolent serve life sentences for such things as having the wrong type of vegetation in their possession, tax evasion, writing bad checks etc. Crimes with no victims or where simple restitution would have been sufficient.

37. When a cop arrives on a scene it is not to help it is to see who they can arrest and weed out those who have not learned to bow down to them. They bark orders and demand respect while trying to find a reason to chain and cage someone. If they can intimidate or provoke someone into challenging them then all the better. Arrests always make them look good to their fellow abusers and superiors.

38. Cops do not keep us safe. We would be more safe if we legalized the mafia. At least we would know where we stand. Criminals do not fear the cops. The only thing they really fear is an armed would be victim. If they get caught by the cops they get to go hang out with their friends in an environment where they can continue to have power over the weak. And they get free housing, food, clothing, medical care, cable tv and they get to educate themselves on how to get away with more crimes not to mention all the new criminal connections they will make. Truly violent criminals enjoy incarceration and brag about their years in prison. The other 50%+ of the nonviolent give them victims to prey upon.

39. We are criminals if we solve crimes against us. If you track down your stolen property the cops will do nothing to retrieve it. If you retrieve it yourself the cops will chain you up and throw you in a cage. If someone commits an assault or even worse rape against you or a family member and you chase them down to prevent them from harming others and hurt one hair on their head or even detain them the cops will again attack you and throw you into a cage where 1 in 20 inmates are raped.

40. Cops are cowards. Just like the bullies in school once you confront them equal or greater force they will run scared. Watch any video footage of school shootings or crazed gunman and you will see all of the cops taking cover behind trees and cars. Never has a cop charged down the guns and rushed into a school to save the children. They wait until the shooting has stopped and they are sure the shooter is dead before they enter. And If one of us try to run in to save the kids the cops will shoot us down. When a man is suicidal and barricaded in his home we are not allowed to go near the house while a hundred cops evacuate, set up a perimeter, roll out their tanks and hope the disturbed man runs out shooting so they can have the green light to open fire.

41. You can’t even complain when a cop abuses or brutalizes you. Cops make it nearly impossible to file a complaint against them. If they do they investigate themselves and always find themselves innocent of all charges. Most people are too intimidated by the cops to even bother. Many people who have tried to file complaints have been beaten and arrested.

42. Why do people believe we need armed thugs to protect us from armed thugs? That makes no sense. If you are scared of people having violent power over you you do not create a position of violent power over you. You are just authorizing what you fear.

43. Better to be a cop than a violent criminal. Those you fear who crave violent power over you will gravitate to the position you have created. Nothing like being in the toughest gang in town and having violent authority over others.

44. Corruption is unavoidable. Power corrupts and violent power corrupts absolutely. Cops are above the law and if you have enough money you can be too. Cops are paid off all the time. They steal from drug dealers and accept bribes from the rest. They even accept money right out in the open when they accept salaried positions as security for known high profile criminals.

45. Having cops creates victims. Most people have a false sense of security just because cops exist. They avoid personal responsibility for their own safety. They think guns are bad and they are safe because crimes against them are illegal and the cops will protect them. they just don’t understand that when seconds count the coops are minutes away.

46. When the cops are abolished people will be more responsible. There is a myth that the old west was a shooting gallery. In reality the wild west was actually the mild west. An armed society is a polite society. No cops and more armed people equals much less violent crime and less crime in general.

47. There were no cops when 300,000 armed people descended on the Sierra Nevada gold rush and there was no violence either. People resolved their own disputes voluntarily. There was not even any violence on the trails out of the mountains of gold. Now if they could keep from slaughtering each other over gold with no cops then we can easily live in peace without them.

48. Even if cops could magically appear from a closet and stop home invaders would it really be worth all the harassment, abuse, brutality and crimes they commit on a daily basis? And the costs! Billions upon billions in salaries, overtime, exorbitant pensions, military equipment and multimillion dollar lawsuit payoffs. If we abolished the cops we could take the money we save and get the best locks, security systems, guns and firearm training for every person in every household. No thief would walk into a bank knowing the majority of employees and customers are armed and vigilant. Same with homes and businesses. What little the cops may have done to help is not nearly worth their mental subjugation on society, destruction of property, income and lives.

49. We had less violence in society before there were cops and there will be much less in our more civilized society after they are gone.

50. Enough is enough! We are tired of living in fear and having our rights violated by these bullies with badges! We believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility and will defend ourselves!

51. Cops are incompetent. They have no idea what they are doing when they are faced with real violence. This why they avoid gang territories and get themselves killed confronting dangerous situations.

52. (will consolidate with 6) Cops hide and tax (fines/tickets/citations). They sit and wait outside bars and more often restaurants. if someone does not make a full and complete stop they pull them over and hope they get to charge them with DUI for having a couple drinks with dinner. Even though they are fine to drive it doesn’t matter.

They sit outside airports waiting for late travelers, 8:30am to 9:00am on the way into the city/town to catch late workers and anywhere else they can hide to harass and tax people who have hurt no one.

53. Cops have quotas. Arrests and revenue are their goals not public safety. Instead of taking down traffic lights which is proven to make intersections much safer they add cameras so they can steal your money.

54. Cops set up checkpoints coming out of the cities to arrest as many people as possible, even though these people have hurt no one.

55. Seatbelts, cellphones and texting while driving. Sadly these laws have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with giving cops more reasons to pull people over. Texting is the worst. All a cop has to do now is claim he saw you looking down like you were texting. And just because someone was on the phone or texting does not mean that is what caused the accident but do they care? No. As soon as they check your phone they stop investigating.

56. DUI is a scam. Millions of people constantly being chained, caged, fined and having their lives ripped up and for what? They never hurt anyone. And if speeding is the #1 reason for fatal accidents then why are they not arresting them and taking their cars away? Less than 1% of fatalities on the roads are said to be a direct result of a drunk driver. And they cannot conclusively prove even this. Again, when they find traces of alcohol, they stop investigating.

57. When cops are laid-off by budget cuts or other reasons the people arm themselves, they are more vigilant and volunteers come forward to patrol. We are the answer, not abusive cops who use fear to control the people and spend most of their time harassing and taxing the people.

58. COPS ENDANGER THEIR OWN LIVES They have no clue how to handle dangerous people. They rush in with overwhelming violence without any consideration for other options. They choose to intimidate and provoke when most situations could be solved with common sense alternatives.

NOTE: Anyone who defends the cops is or was a cop, has a family member that is or was a cop, has unfounded fears that society would crumble without the cops, makes money from the existence of cops or is scared of guns and would rather believe the myth that cops keep us safe to avoid personal responsibility.

To see what cops are really like watch these shocking police brutality videos:


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